Caitlin Ambery

“Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected”
-William Plomer

Caitlin Ambery was born in rural northern B.C., grew up in Victoria and currently resides in Smithers B.C. Caitlin works predominantly in large acrylics but initially started her artistic endeavours with watercolours. As a result she treats her acrylics much like watercolours with many thin layers building upon each other. She enjoys the process of applying and removing layers of paint to reveal subtle nuances of color and light. This process creates a luminous quality to her work.

Caitlin’s intuitive images express movement and rhythm within and throughout nature and place. She often incorporates people into her artwork, as a way of exploring her views on the importance of what it is to be a human being, participating in relationship with creation and creator.

Caitlin has a BA in Psychology from the University of Victoria. As she continues to paint, she also hopes to assist others in their creative painting pursuits. She loves to see people come alive through art, and loves how creative expression can be a source of healing, transformation, inspiration and connection.

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